FB: I'm Such a Proud Mama ♥

I'm Such a Proud Mama ♥, originally uploaded by psychopooch.

Based on the following friend's facebook status:

baby had a massive blowout today. pee and poop on the bed, on the floor, on the walls, on the ceiling... ??!? i'm such a proud mama. ♥

Not a parent myself but from what I can gather on facebook, babies are born with the full means of shooting poop and pee over great distances. The original illo that popped into my head didn't have the slingshot coming out of the crib. Decided to make the sketch a little more PG-rated. ;-) Anyway, my dog Zucco has had his share of projectile organic matter but I think the talent of my friend's baby puts him to shame. Zucco is skerred.

Update 12.16.10: This week's Illustration Friday topic is Phenomenon. For once I was having a mental block and have been racking my brain the entire week on what to do. Then it finally occurred to me that I could submit this illo. I've never witnessed the phenomenon described above firsthand. But every friend who has become a new parent lately have managed to share their experience in some form on facebook. I decided to immortalize this particular facebook status as a sketch since my friend neglected to take blackmail photos for when her daughter grows up. Maybe I'll revamp this illo at some point, switch out Zucco with 3 cats and give the print as a gift. As I was sketching this, I was wondering what my friend's 3 cats were thinking about the new addition to their family.

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Chibi Janine said...

Yup that sums up babies, Little boys are the worse I'm sure they aim for the face. Shame they loose the ability to aim as they get older.

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