Illustration Friday: Creature

Illustration Friday: Creature, originally uploaded by psychopooch.

Getting some inspiration from real life.

Illustration Friday: Entangled

My first time sketching with the Adonit Jot Touch. Had my reservations about this stylus since the tip was so odd. But... I have to say... I LOVE IT! I finally have pressure sensitivity sketching on my iPad. Still need to get used to it but so far so good. Plus, I like the feel compared to the rubber/foam tipped styluses out there. Was a toss up between getting this or the Wacom. Think I made the right choice for me :)


Illustration Friday: Together

Illustration Friday: Together, originally uploaded by psychopooch.

It's been over 2 years since I've participated in Illustration Friday. A lot has happened since... a new dog, a baby, and a wedding. Finally have the energy and new found inspiration to sketch again. Hope to participate regularly in IF in the near future :)


IF: Obsession

A few years ago, my illustration blog took a turn and I became obsessed with drawing Zucco and I think it was all to prepare me for this. Yesterday my stubborn 'lil psychopooch Zucco finally lost his battle with heart disease. I miss him very much right now.

I want to thank Illustration Friday and the IF community for what you've done for me in the last few years. I may not post as often as I would like but I certainly have kept up with sketches as weekly topics have been posted. Thank you for giving me a way to let Zucco live on outside of my memories of him. The illo here is actually something I've done not too long ago while Zucco was still alive based on a previous IF topic (midsummer night). I think a part of me knew he was getting closer to leaving us. Rob and I were with him to the very end so this illustration seems appropriate to share right now.

I also want to end this post on a happier note. A month ago Rob and I got engaged. Zucco was with us at the time as we took him out for a walk. Right before the proposal, Zucco managed to fart a wet one with Rob holding him. Yes, he sharted all over Rob's proposal and we wouldn't want it any other way as he will forever be part of our story when friends ask how it happened. That's why he's our psychopooch.


Missing You My 'Lil Psychopooch

I've lost my bestest buddy for the last 12+ years today. Missing you very much Zucco.


IF: Shadow

Illustration Friday: Shadow, originally uploaded by psychopooch.

When I saw the topic this week, the first thing that popped into my head was the scene in Peter Pan where Wendy helps him out by sewing his shadow back on. Rather than sketching that exact scene though, I decided to draw Zucco stitching his own shadow. This time I played around with Procreate on the iPad.


IF: Soaked

Illustration Friday: Soaked, originally uploaded by psychopooch.

Missed the deadline for last week's Illustration Friday topic but figured I'd post anyway. This was a little sketch I was playing around with. Still learning and getting used to using Sketchbook Pro on the iPad and still constantly amazed by works I've seen done by other artists on an iPad.


IF: Asleep

Illustration Friday: Asleep, originally uploaded by psychopooch.

Not the first time I've drawn Zucco sleeping but this is the first time I've done it with a watercolor type app. Used Auryn Ink for this along with the Nomad Brush. Still playing around but have to say, it's a fun combo for sketching on the iPad.


IF: Bicycle

Illustration Friday: Bicycle, originally uploaded by psychopooch.

A different illustration style with Zucco. The original bike sketch was done as commissioned project for a relative. Unfortunately the project took a change in direction so the spot illustration was scrapped. Decided to revamp it slightly for this week's topic and added Zucco to the piece. My psychopooch has definitely lost a bit more energy these days so I'm sure he'd rather be in the trailer than running along side the bike. ^_^


MAD: Proverb

Monday Artday: Proverb, originally uploaded by psychopooch.

"A bird does not sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song."
~ Chinese Proverb*

Felt this quote/proverb was appropriate for this illustration (and I guess most other illustrations I've done so far). I've participated in a lot of drawing groups and have given myself multiple assignments. A lot of times, these personal projects involve me trying to find an answer to the topic at hand. However, deep down in my subconscious, I don't think I'm really answering anything at all. At the end, I draw what I want to draw and come up with some sort of rationale to fit the assignment. I bet that is the case with most other illustrators who participate in either Illustration Friday, Monday Artday, Art Jumble or other similar self motivated creative challenges. These assignments bring out the song that is already there (that is the great thing about these assignments, btw). And this bird you see here? This started out as a doodle I did 2 months ago. This assignment just gave me a reason to take my song further along and share it.

And on a side note, this quote, in a way also reminded me of an interview Sally Mann did for Art:21 on PBS. There was a part where she commented on critics looking for a deeper meaning to her photography specifically in reference to her dog bones prints. One of my favorite snippets in her response was this –

"These dog bones are just making art the way art should be made, I think, without any overarching reference. Just for fun, if you can imagine that. Art for fun. Sometimes it is fun."

And that is how I feel about a lot of my projects. I'm doing it because it's fun and I'm compelled to do it for me. No other deeper meaning beyond that. And if there's a way for me to share my "song" and other people happen to enjoy it (or maybe it speaks to them) then that's just an added bonus. You can read more of Sally Mann's interview here (highly recommended as it gives an interesting insight on how one artist approaches her work – actually I recommend the whole Art:21 series for the same reason since different contemporary artists are profiled).

*That is how I will credit the quote for now as there have been multiple attributes to the original source, like Maya Angelou and Lou Holtz. If someone can enlighten me on where it came from or what it is in Chinese, it would be appreciated.


MAD: Horse With Hands Riding A Bike

Update 04.22.11 My submission for this week's Illustration Friday topic, Bicycle. Hope to find time to rework another illustration but for now hope you enjoy this little oldie I originally created for another drawing group.

It's been a while since I've participated in Monday Artday. Thought the topic this time around was rather specific so decided to take a stab at it. Ended up with an illustration of Zucco in a horse costume riding with two hands. Not sure why this popped into my head but I get the feeling it had its origin in this little sketch. Maybe one day I'll come with a story of how Zucco ended up in this situation.


IF: Layer

Illustration Friday: Layer, originally uploaded by psychopooch.

This is based on the following friend's facebook status:
It smells too bacon-y in here. *breathes through mouth*

Decided to have some fun and drew my dog Zucco sucking in his breath trying to vacuum a piece of bacon (from a plate layered with bacon strips) towards him. In real life Zucco doesn't have super lungs, he does, however, have super speed. He can be pretty fast when sneaking food off the table.

Anyway, hope my friend was able to get away from the bacon smell. Pretty sure she didn't enjoy it quite as much as my dog.


IF: Sweater

Illustration Friday: Sweater, originally uploaded by psychopooch.

I think Zucco is ready for warmer weather (and so am I). No matter how many layers I put on him, he still shivers. Guess it doesn't do any good as long as his butt is naked.


新年快樂! 恭喜發財!

新年快樂! 恭喜發財!, originally uploaded by psychopooch.

To those ringing in the Year of the Rabbit,
have a prosperous and happy new year!

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