FB: Happy King Tut Day!

Happy King Tut Day!, originally uploaded by psychopooch.

Based on Jonathan's Facebook Status: happy king tut day!

Also, submitting this for the Illustration Friday topic, afterwards. Thought the process of how this illo came about could work – My friends post a status on fb, I get inspired, I sketch afterwards. The sketch usually involves my dog Zucco. Still need to figure out how to make the relief more integrated into the stone texture but this will do for now. ^_^

I also happen to learn something new through facebook every day. Apparently yesterday (Nov. 4th) was King Tut Day celebrating the discovery of the tomb. Surprised the King Tut exhibit here in NYC didn't try to promote it more to get ticket sales. I actually went a few months ago. Definitely a bit of a tourist trap but still interesting to see. Just wish there was more for the price of the admission.

The highlight of the entire show for me was knowing something like this:


could inspire something like this afterwards:


I guess one can always use a King Tut holder of snot rags especially during the upcoming flu season.


Chibi Janine said...

Makes me giggle even more that tissue holder, as to make a mummy you pulled the brain out through the nose LOL.

Great illustration once again your art work is amazing and imaginative.

Gabriela Irigoyen said...

Great Blog! :)

Jack Foster said...

Hey PsycoP! That is so cool how you did the relief work. Totally cool! Great stone color and texture too. Happy King Tut Day! I saw the exhibit when it was in Chicago the first time. I agree with your assesment. That tissue box is hilarious! great take on "afterwards"

Gavin Goo said...

This is really cute :)

Kay Aker said...

Delightfully clever and so well imagined!

sketched out said...

Love how you took your pooch character and created the relief image. Very clever indeed! Also got a huge kick out of the tissue box. Also wickedly clever!!

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