IF: Acrobat

Illustration Friday: Acrobat, originally uploaded by psychopooch.

A while back my dog Zucco performed the acrobatic feat of jumping and projectile vomiting in mid-air. Don't know how he managed to do that but there was a good foot long streak of puke for me to clean up. Zucco even stared back and forth between me and the puke as if wondering why I was not as proud as he was of the awesomeness splattered across the floor.

Anyway, I happened to post the event on my facebook status. Quite a few comments joked about it being Zucco's super secret Street Fighter combo move. This illo is Zucco performing that same acrobatic feat, with some embellishments of course. Ha-puke-n!!! Sorry about the bad pun ^_^


Kurtis said...

It is a move that would definitely finish me.

Nice illustration, I like it.

Nina Mata said...


FrankenBarry said...

I'm jealous, my dog's only super power is roll-over. Cool illustration, and funny story! Hope Zucco's felling better!

Krista said...

Now that's talent! I suppose you'd rather he learn how to take out the trash or bring you a snack! :)

Chibi Janine said...

Reading your little story reminded me of the time I was recovering from whooping cough and was back at school doing PE and I said to the teacher I wasn't feeling well. The teacher didn't believe me and made me jump the box, Lets just say he regreted that decision.

I love looking at the illustrations tht involve your pooch.

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