SBP 2011: Ice Cream Cone

My first entry for the Sketchbook Project 2011 Tour!

I know, I don't have much time left as the deadline is about a month away. I've been procrastinating BIG TIME. The good news is, a bulk of the pages are done in some form as this will be filled with my drawings based on friends’ facebook statuses–just tweaked a little bit here and there or reimagined for this project. Although I’m known to take my time with personal projects, I think in this case, a big part of me just didn't want to face the reality of what prompted me to sign up for this in the first place, as this is dedicated to my psychopooch, Zucco.

Dang It's Hot

About a year ago, I was told Zucco has congestive heart failure. There is no cure, only treatment to slow the progression of the disease. Since the diagnosis, I’ve been acquiring a large number of sketches of Zucco (more than what I’ve managed to post here). For those who have been following my blog, I’ve always tried to keep my drawings of Zucco silly and happy. It’s my way of holding onto good memories as it’s been a difficult year in dealing with my dog’s health. Even though there’s been more good days than bad, there are times where I’ve felt helpless and lost on what to do when I see his condition get worse. Those are the moments when I have to tell myself he's had a pretty good (at least I hope that is the case) and long life. And I guess in a way, these sketches have been my ice cream cone. They make the waiting for the inevitable a little better and they remind me of happy times with Zucco – even if some of the events are all in my head. But I swear, if you ever watch my dog sleep, you can’t help but get the feeling he’s lived through all these adventures in his dreams.

And here’s one more happy thought, Zucco turned 15 this past Thursday.

Happy Birthday Zucco :)


Chibi Janine said...

Wow 15 for any dog that is an excellent age. Its hard watching your dog be ill. My first dog had heart trouble medication gave us a little more time. I remember the day she passed away she pattered my leg until I petted her she would not be shooed away. Once I gave her a long ear tickle she laid down in her favourite sleeping spot and slept the long sleep. Gosh that was depressing wasn't it. Dogs are family and we love them through your delightful pictures which bring a smile to my face I can see how much you love him.

Wishing you a seasons greetings and a few more years with your delightful pooch

Jennifer Bower said...

*HUGS* Wow! Isn't it amazing what we create when it comes from such a place of love? Your posts and sketchbook are a wonderful legacy and a very identifiable brand. You and your little pooch will go far.

erin said...

oh wow 15 is amazing! Love your pop-up sketchbook gonna try and get to one of the venues to see them.

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