Monday Artday: Medical

Monday Artday: Medical, originally uploaded by psychopooch.

I originally sketched this out for the Illustration Friday topic, Artificial. The actual thumbnails had renderings of my version of an artificial heart superimposed on my dog's X-ray. They were very rough sketches at the time and never got around to doing more with it. Was going through a lot with Zucco. Right around then, his enlarged heart made a turn for the worse and he was going through heart failure. As part of his treatment, he ended up with kidney failure as well. I think my sketches was my way of coping with what he was going through. I felt helpless and wished I could just give him a new heart (and kidneys now). Since then, he's stabilized somewhat. Still not in the clear but behaviorally he's back to his crazy bounce off the wall psychopooch self. Hopefully that's a good sign.


Illo also posted at Monday Artday

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Ohibò said...

Hey, this is really cool! Never thought about puttin' it on a shirt?
I like your style and your jwels, too! =)

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