Wings of Speed

Wings of Speed, originally uploaded by psychopooch.

Finally got to finish another project! A friend of mine made a special request for his BFF. She's training for the NYC Marathon and it's his way of showing support. I hope she likes it as much I as I enjoyed making it. Just wish I had completed it sooner. I'm really back logged on projects. Sometimes I feel like I need a set of wings myself to speed me up. Hope to have more of these made...soon. I liked this so much I think I'm going to offer it in mylittlestore on Etsy. Maybe other folks have a marathoner they want to give this to as well ^_^

Oh, and like my dessert necklaces, this started out with a digital illustration. As you can see, the design was simplified along the way and two versions were sketched out. My friend left it up to me to decide whether or not to make it with wings. I'm glad I went with the winged version.

Wings of Speed

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