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In the towers of steel, Belief goes on and on.

Taken out of context, this little snippet from U2 made me think of Rapunzel. I've always found this fairy tale a bit frightening. A kidnapped woman gets locked up in a tower for most of her life. Granted, she was well taken care of but still shielded from the ways of the world. And just when you think things are making a turn for the better, her lover gets blinded and doomed to wander in the dark while Rapunzel is left to fend for herself as a struggling single mother of twins. It all works out in the end. Through sheer dumb luck, Rapunzel finally meets up with her prince and they live happily ever after.

WTF?! I thought fairy tales were supposed to teach you something? Is the moral of the tale to stay ignorant of the world around you and keep to your beliefs locked up high in a tower because no good will come out of it for straying? Or maybe it's a tale for parents. You can protect your child all you want but at some point, they all grow up and locking them up in a tower all their life will only come to no good for when they have to finally enter the real world. Hmmm...maybe that's why this story never appealed to me much as a kid.

Anyway, I'm sure U2 was not talking about Rapunzel with that one line but that was what it made me think of. Plus, I want to see Tangled. Am curious as to how Disney spun the story around.

Recap of what my friend Larry is doing with his FB status this week here.

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Chibi Janine said...

What gets me in the story is why they didn't just cut her hair and use that as a ladder rather than the whole bring me a bit of silk, actually he was the kings son I'm sure he could have aforded some rope :) . The thing about fairy tales is the closer you get to the original the more macabre they seem to get.

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