FB: Rat Bar

Rat Bar, originally uploaded by psychopooch.

Not based on a particular facebook status but it's definitely facebook inspired. My friend was the one who had submitted this photo to Eater. Anyway, the pic was posted on his facebook page as well and he happened to make this particular comment:

Do the rats drink out of thimbles and sit on tiny stools? That would be adorable.

He got me thinking about it over the weekend so I had to work on a sketch to get it out of my system. Just a basic outline. Maybe I'll finish this at some point. Already thinking about adding some embellishments, like lining the back of the bar with mini liquor bottles...


Daslav said...

cool :d great stuff :D

Chibi Janine said...

Again your drawing are just too cute. The photo that inspired it made me snigger as well.

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