Monday Artday: 2 Colours

Monday Artday: 2 Colours, originally uploaded by psychopooch.

Finally had time to post this. It all started out with me sketching while Zucco was having a very active REM sleep. Rob commented that Zucco must be dreaming about being a wrestler because he was kicking everywhere and barking in his sleep. We ended up with multiple sketches of him in his 2 Coloured Lucha Libre costume with different poses. Some had him attacking a squirrel. Another a pigeon. We even had him tag teaming with his wrestling partner, La Cucaracha. Never seem to have had time to turn them into more finished pieces. I'm surprised I even had time to getting this to a point for me to post. Enjoy!

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annamatic said...

awesome! those other sketches sound amazing -- would love to see him wrestling La Cucaracha!

Wicky Woo said...

Love the Lucha outfit! So cute!

David said...

hahaha! great!!!

Christian Kaeppke said...

cool costume and cute character.

psychopooch said...

Thanks everyone :)

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