IF: Double

Illustration Friday: Double, originally uploaded by psychopooch.

Double, for Double Happiness or 囍.

It's a set of illustrations I did for a friend's wedding. I'm finally allowed to blog this since we were waiting on friends we have in common to get it in the mail first. I designed their wedding invite as a gift to the happy couple. Saves me the trouble of having to look for a gift. Plus, this was fun!

The invite was designed to be 2 sided. One had English with the couple in a westernized wedding outfit. The other was in Chinese with them in a traditional Chinese wedding outfit. The RSVP included the happy couple (well happy if you replied yes) as well. Click here for slightly larger image.

As part of the set, I also created directions to go along. Like the invite, it was 2 sided. One to the Church and the other to the reception after wards. This was definitely a nice break from the typical stuff I do at work.


Juan Carlos Partidas said...

Hi Jeannie

Thanks for your nice comment in my blog. I really love these pieces for your friend´s wedding. It is so original and graphically well done...


xenos said...

this is so cute! your friends were so lucky to have you come up with something like this for their wedding!

the enigma said...

very lovely invitation card, i did one too recently. it's fun!

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