IF: Layer

Illustration Friday: Layer, originally uploaded by psychopooch.

This is based on the following friend's facebook status:
It smells too bacon-y in here. *breathes through mouth*

Decided to have some fun and drew my dog Zucco sucking in his breath trying to vacuum a piece of bacon (from a plate layered with bacon strips) towards him. In real life Zucco doesn't have super lungs, he does, however, have super speed. He can be pretty fast when sneaking food off the table.

Anyway, hope my friend was able to get away from the bacon smell. Pretty sure she didn't enjoy it quite as much as my dog.


erin said...

Zucco is so cute, love the levitating bacon (though I do not love bacon).

M.Lee said...

Oh my goodness! This little pooch is my new favorite addiction! I love your illustrations with him!

Chibi Janine said...

Mmmmm bacon yum, darn you Zucco I want some too extra crispy please.

Another super illustration of you pooch love it :)

Juliana Fonseca said...

Cute! congratulations!

Jack Foster said...

Great one! Zucco ROCKS!

angels said...

So cute character! Great idea for layer!
Also thanks for your nice comment!!

Shirley said...

This illustration just makes me smile from ear to ear!! Well done!

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