FB: Foot of Snow

Foot of Snow, originally uploaded by psychopooch.

My friend posed the following question on Facebook:
Why do people drive with a foot of snow on top of their cars?

Not sure why but a giant foot (of snow) popped into my head. And then I thought, if I had a giant foot on my car, I might try to sell feet related ad space. I guess that would be a reason to drive around with a foot of snow on top of my car.

I really need to go for a walk...

On a serious note, driving with snow on your roof is dangerous. Unless you're making enough money on ads to cover harm and damages to other drivers, just don't do it ;)


Missy said...

Ha, so funny! It drives me crazy when people drive with snow on the roof of their car.

psychopooch said...

Thanks! The snow thing drives me nuts too.

Marie Glahn said...

Haha love it! If i had a big foot on my car, i would definitely also make some money out of it :)

the enigma said...

LOL, too funny an idea :D

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