FB: I'm Never Cold

I'm Never Cold, originally uploaded by psychopooch.

Having fun with another friend's facebook status. It made me think of an abominable snowman. Brrrrr... I'm freezing at my desk right now too. Where did autumn go?

Also submitting this for the Illustration Friday topic, Spent – I spent some time last night working on this facebook inspired piece ;) Wish I had more time for personal projects. Started a second sketch for the topic. Hope to finish and post before the week is up!


Gabe Ferreira said...

digging that font you used!

Missy said...

This is funny, great illustration!

art is jokken said...


Jack Foster said...

Great post! I love your characters... and your color choices really make the piece! How about some hot chocolate?

Jen Appel said...

That's me! I almost built a bonfire this morning at my office!

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