FB: Looking Forward to Some Pig Butt

I was one of the friends mentioned in this FB status and the pig butt at Daisy May's BBQ was goooooood!

Pig Butt at Daisy May's
Pig Butt at Daisy May's

And um, no worries, Zucco didn't get to have this little piggie's butt. I've already imagined them being friends at some point. Working on another illo with the two of them and hope to post soon ;)

Update 10.25.10: Illo of Zucco and his new friend is up. :D


Chibi Janine said...

Making animals look this cute give you a sense of guilt when you eat them :(

psychopooch said...

I know what you mean. That's why I couldn't have Zucco eat the pig after I was done with the illo. In real life tho, I feel guilty for a brief moment and then I get hungry.

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