FB: Sharktopus!

Sharktopus!, originally uploaded by psychopooch.

Aaron's FB status:

Yes, that's a real facebook status. Sharktopus aired on SyFy the evening it was posted. It just so happened that I caught a glimpse of it. But like a train wreck, it was horrific, but you just couldn't take your eyes off it. Was amazed someone else caught the same exact programming that night (it really was THAT BAD, haha)! Anyway, I never intended to do a sketch but I just couldn't take it out of my mind. It also didn't help that posts on sharks kept popping up for me when I was web surfing these past few days.

So... here it is, my version of Sharktopus. Something a little less menacing. Maybe I'll come up with a story about Zucco's adventures with this little guy at some point.

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