IF: Drifting

Illustration Friday: Drifting, originally uploaded by psychopooch.

Lately I've been feeling a bit lost out at sea looking for solid ground to land on–anxious about not knowing where I'll be next.

But sometimes, you just have to take a breather, drift along and enjoy the ride.

Bigger image here.


bubblefriends said...

very nice! keep on dreaming little pooch:)

ArtSnark said...

fun piece! Great color & theme

Indigene said...

Just adorable!

amit said...

beautiful use of transparency.

annamatic said...

i know just what you mean... thanks for the little reminder to "enjoy the ride," something i probably don't do enough ~sigh*

i just love seeing zucco in your illustrations ^^

karie said...

You've absolutely captured the personality of the Boston. I love your work.

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