Marriage of Illustration & Metalwork

lineart3, originally uploaded by psychopooch.

Been working on some things to integrate my 2 passions more these days. These dessert pendants are the result so far. They start out as line art which I then translate into metal.

As you can tell, some of the finished pieces differ slightly from the original illo. As I work with the metal, I modify along the way as some things look fine on paper but not so great when executed. There's definitely more in the works. Now if only I can find the time... ;)


stacey said...

nothing translates perfectly from one medium to another, but those look fantastic

Eli said...

Very cool, unique looking jewelry.

carolina bleu said...

love the cupcake

Hoyu.Yiu said...

hey there.

I really like it that you have something else outside of the verizon life. Great jewelry design. I will show my GF your ETSY store when i get home.

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