Loco for Gocco

Love Birds, originally uploaded by psychopooch.

Metalsmithing is my break from designing on the computer all day. Gocco is my break from metalsmithing. These little notecards were created just in time for Valentine's Day a while back. Now I gotta figure out what my next gocco project will be.


adrienne said...

OMG you have gocco!!!! do they still make them? i have been looking for one....

psychopooch said...

They're a little hard to find in the US since it's been discontinued. But it's still sold in Japan. I got mine through eBay but you gotta be patient. You can also get one through Print Addict. She sells on eBay as well as on Etsy (http://printaddictjapan.etsy.com).

kalicat said...

I just love these cards
They are so romantic.
Now, where can I get this Gocco machine thing!!!

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